Pebaco ITE BV

Timeline of Pebaco

1993 Founding of Pebaco

Peter Kooijman and Bart Wehman founded Pebaco and started their activities from their office in ‘s Gravendeel. Peter Kooijman worked before at Visser / Vison in ‘s Gravendeel and Bart Wehman made a career in the vegetable seeds business.

The mission of Pebaco was and is to introduce  modern horticultural technologies in the new emerging markets in East Europe.

Pebaco is  focusing on marketing and sales of modern glass house production technologies and sorting and packing machine for both fruit and vegetables. In the fruit sector Pebaco is marketing both CA storage system and the products of Munckhof, mainly orchard sprayers and Pluc O Trac harvesting machines.

Turnkey Glass house project in Germany since 2005 till present

Since 2005 Pebaco has realized in close cooperation with Certhon an number of turnkey glasshouse project. Pebaco is keeps close contact with those companies as service providers various technical questions.

1994 – Teplichny Kassen, Kalinovka

Pebaco was chosen for the execution of a Senter project subsidized by  Dutch Governement   for the introduction of modern production techniques of tomatoes in greenhouses at Teplichny in Brovarny. Teplichny is/was one of the largest glasshouse companies in the Ukraine. The project was carried out in cooperation with Dutch Partners such as Certhon, Holland Scherming, Priva, and Munckhof. By increasing the production with more than 100% the project was a great success. Based on this demonstration project many Ukrainian companies carried out similar renovations. This project was the start of the activities of Pebaco in the Ukraine.

1997 ITE Agro office Kiev opened together with partner Sergey Sidorov

In 1997 Sergey Sidorov teamed up with Pebaco. Since then he is running the Ukraine office and the team of specialists. In close cooperation with a number of Netherlands leading suppliers we realized an large number of projects both the in the Ukraine glasshouse sector as in the sector of fruit in the Ukraine.

2000 – present Rose production at Ascanya Flora

Since 2000 Sergey Sidorov teamed up with the staff of Ascany flora.

In close cooperation we went to a process of renovation of 2 ha.  Of existing glashouses for rose production. In 2004 we started with the first phase of 5 ha. Rose production which was followed by two steps of 5 ha. And 10 ha. Including the complete infrastructure for rose production, building of the glasshouses, the heating and climate control system, irrigation system, screening system, crop-protection, internal transport and also support for growing technology.

Ascany became the most well known rose producer of East Europe.

2004 CA Storage projects in the Ukraine

Pebaco introduced in close cooperation with Storex b.v. CA storage technology for fruits in Ukraine. In 2008 Vlad Medved joint the company and later he was accompanied by Zhenya Bokanov. Together they are responsible for project realization of CA storage technologies, including renovation of existing cold stores for CA storage, building and design of new CA stores / warehouses, cooling and CA techniques. Since 2004 a number of impressive projects have been realized.

2018 – 2023 Sorting and packing machine project in Central Asai.

In close cooperation with Aweta, Stas and Taks we realize a number of project for applying the most modern system for sorting and packing of fruits and vegetables.

2021/2023 CA Storage project in Kazachstan

With a team of specialists, a.o. Storex, WUR Wageningen we designed a turnkey project for CA storage of 15.000 tons of fruits in 63 CA stores + sorting and packing system for apples and pears in Almaty Kazachstan.

Pebaco ITE b.v. at present

From the first day of operation till present Pebaco ITE works on their mission to be of service to their clients for providing the best solution of technology in Horticulture.

Together with their partners we have possibilities to team up with the clients and to discuss the best possible solutions for improving production, storage and sorting and packing methods. We all our team members we are at service for you!