Pebaco ITE BV

About Pebaco

Pebaco bv is an established organization with operations in Germany and Ukraine. With more than 30 years of experience, Pebaco has built a solid presence in the market and works closely with partners to provide high-quality services.

In Ukraine, Pebaco operates with a sales office under the name ITE Agro, through which it is in direct contact with the local market. This presence strengthens Pebaco’s position and enables it to offer customized solutions that meet the specific needs of the Ukrainian market.

Pebaco’s core business includes three main services. First is project development of greenhouses and greenhouse farming, where Pebaco uses expertise and experience to create innovative and efficient growing environments. Second, the company focuses on providing sorting systems and packaging lines, enabling producers to market their products in a structured and optimized manner. Finally, Pebaco offers fruit and vegetable storage equipment, focusing on maintaining optimal conditions to ensure the freshness and quality of products.

With a commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, Pebaco remains a leading player in the industry, and its collaboration with partners strengthens its ability to provide valuable solutions that meet evolving market needs.

How do we work

One of our important aims is a personal approach towards the customer, in which we inform to the background and aim of the project. Our task is to think together with the assignee and to activate their wishes into an appropriate solution.

With a specialized staff we study the technical an economical aspect for your situation. In executing this out we combine worldwide experience with a wide technical know-how.

Based on the budget available we can compose various solutions in which we will discuss further with you.

For the desired variants we will draw up a non-binding offer. The scheming of financial plan is also one of the possibilities available to you. Once both parties are agreeable Pebaco ITE will be the supplier. We care for project management and after sales service.

Out intention is the continuity of your company process, and the continuity of our relationship. Pebaco ITE has after all much to offer.

Pebaco ITE has had for many years already an intensive co-operation with renowned manufactures in the horticultural technical side. Each manufacturer from the group has worldwide experience and quite a considerable know-how. We combine this to mutual solutions and innovate development in our sector. We can find te optimum solution for your problem.