Pebaco ITE BV

Greenhouses & Horticulture

Welcome to Pebaco, your dedicated partner in greenhouse and horticultural projects. Since 1993 we have been active on the Ukrainian and German markets in close cooperation with Certhon. Our focus is on developing projects for greenhouses and greenhouse horticulture, including all necessary facilities.

Our Services


We offer extensive expertise in designing and projecting greenhouses and greenhouse facilities. Our team of professionals is ready to develop customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

Production, Delivery, Installation, Commissioning

From the production phase to commissioning, we guarantee quality and efficiency. Our services include the production, delivery, and expert installation of all necessary facilities.


We take responsibility for the maintenance of various disciplines, including greenhouse construction, heating and cooling systems, electrical installation and climate control. With our experience, we ensure that your facilities continue to function optimally.

Our specialisme

  • Greenhouse Construction: We develop top quality greenhouses that meet the latest industry standards.
  • Heating/Cooling Systems: Efficient systems for optimal climate management.
  • Electrical Installation/Climatic Control: Advanced solutions using Priva technology.
  • Irrigation: In cooperation with partner Munckhof, we provide reliable irrigation systems.
  • Cultivation gutters: Our cooperation with Formflex guarantees high-quality cultivation gutters.
  • Fencing: With partner Holland Scherming, we offer advanced screening solutions.
  • Integration of Systems: From crop protection to internal transport, sorting and packaging – we integrate various systems for seamless operation.

At Pebaco, we go beyond basic services. Upon request, we offer mediation for related services to provide you with a comprehensive solution.

Find out how we can take your greenhouse and glasshouse project to new heights. Contact us today for a personal consultation and let us build the future of your agricultural business together.

Consulting and engineering

Constuction and reconstuction of greenhouses

Greenhouse equipment

  • Equipment for heating, Electro technique, screening etc.
  • Drip irrigation, substrate growing system.
  • Computer programming

Nursery systems for youngplant- growing

  • Peatmixing lines
  • Potpressingmachines, trayfillingequipment
  • Plantselectingsystems and automatic pricking- outsystems
  • Nursery trays, transportboxes
  • Internal transport