Pebaco ITE BV

Fruit and vegetables storage

Construction and reconstruction of fruit and vegetable storage facilities with ULO technologies

 Pebaco bv, in cooperation with Dutch companies, offers advanced solutions for the construction and reconstruction of fruit and vegetable storage facilities. Our equipment, developed with the latest technologies and insights from Dutch universities, allows you to accurately control the storage process even under extreme conditions. This significantly reduces the percentage of product loss after storage.

ULO (RGS) equipment and systems

STOREX bv is one of the world leaders in the production of equipment for creating and maintaining ultra-low oxygen content (UNC) in long-term fruit and vegetable storage chambers. Years of experience and continuous modernization of equipment and control systems have enabled the company to gain the trust of customers around the world. In the United States and China, for example, the company is a leader in the long-term fruit storage segment.

Refrigeration equipment

One of the most important storage conditions for fruits and vegetables is the refrigeration system. In the absence of a refrigeration unit with the required capacity to cool and store produce, the process of long-term storage is impossible. Our refrigeration partner is the Dutch refrigeration company IVL, which has extensive experience in supplying refrigeration systems for storage with CA/ULO technology.

Gas-tight doors from SALCO

Another important issue when building storage facilities with CA/ULO storage conditions is the installation of high-quality gas-tight doors for storage areas. In addition, they must meet international quality standards and fulfill all logistical requirements. Such gas-tight doors are offered by STOREX.

Gas-tight materials

To ensure the gas-tightness of storage rooms with CA/ULO storage conditions, in addition to gas-tight doors, it is also necessary to treat all panel joints, or the entire inner surface of the room (in case of reconstruction of an old storage tank.) Facility) with special gas-tight materials. These materials, as well as the application of the material with subsequent warranty, are offered to you by STOREX.