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Sorting and packaging lines

Sorting and packaging lines for fruits and vegetables

Sorting, selecting and packing your fruits and vegetables now results in significantly fewer human errors when handling delicate products. This minimizes the chance of damage to the product when it reaches the market, increasing the added value of the product.

Aweta, a leading company setting trends in technology, is the world market leader in high-quality sorting packaging equipment. The company is known for its progressive approach in developing and implementing the latest technologies. Aweta was a pioneer in sorting products based on their internal structure and density.

When you contact us, you get in touch with specialists who know your product inside out. The company always takes into account the specific requirements of manufacturers of agricultural products. By understanding customers’ requirements, Aweta translates them into perfect solutions based on knowledge, experience and creativity. The customized equipment, designed to meet the customer’s specific requirements, goes through the phases of design, assembly and installation at the customer’s site. In the process, detailed documentation and instructions are provided to maintenance personnel.

Different sorting options

  1. Weight (default)
    – Base weight
  1. Size:
    – Length
    – Diameter (center)
    – Circle volume
  1. Color:
    – Surface color
    – Background color
    – Redness
  1. Internal quality:
    – Acidity
    – Maturity
    – Internal decay/deterioration of the substance
  1. Hardness:
    – Overall Hardness

Aweta offers several grading options for accurate and efficient classification of products based on these characteristics.

Used sorting and packaging lines for fruit and vegetables

Discover used sorting and packaging lines for fruits and vegetables with us. We are pleased to present our used equipment, carefully selected by our experts to best suit your business processes. Each machine is thoroughly restored and updated on both mechanical and logical units, using original spare parts, before being presented to you. Our company offers a comprehensive range of services including service, warranty and post warranty maintenance. Please contact us for our current offerings.